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Please select your membership type below.  Note: the following memberships are "TCA only" memberships.  Dual ACF/TCA membership require a different application.  For questions on your membership type, please contact the TCA State Office at
Minimum of 3 years full-time employment in culinary profession  $135.00 

Minimum 6 months employment, pursuing training and experience  $59.00 

Student or Apprentice with less than 2 years employment $58.00 


A high school student between the ages of 16 and 18 years old  $28.00 

Representative of a group/company who services the culinary profession $227.00 

An individual employed in a field related to the culinary profession  $135.00 

Individual not employed in culinary field but has a passion for the arts $56.00 

Tiered memberships for business - contact State Office $130.00 

Retired Chefs 65 or older with 10 consecutive years of membership $115.00 

Retired Chefs selected to receive Honorary membership - dues for insurance policy $39.00

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A Pursuit Of Culinary Excellence

The Texas Chefs Association (TCA) is a chapter of the American Culinary Federation.  The TCA is comprised of 12 dynamic chapters operating in cities across Texas.  Our association provides members with timely seminars, networking tools, and professional advancement opportunities to help them further their goals within the food service industry.

Texas Chefs Association

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