2018 TCA Convention Attendees

Jesse Adames  Dallas Chapter
Chastity Alexander  Dallas Chapter
Cassondra Armstrong  Dallas Chapter
Rory Arredondo  Dallas Chapter
Eva Barrios, CEC  Austin Chapter
Klaus Baumbach  Dallas Chapter
Carolyn Becerra  Brazos Valley Chapter
Luis Becerra, CEC Brazos Valley Chapter
Kelley Benson  San Antonio Chapter
Sebastian Bonnet, CEC, CEPC  Houston Chapter
Stacy Bowers  Dallas Chapter
Jack Bretzke, CEC, AAC  East Texas Chapter
Janice Brooks  Dallas Chapter
Wesley Brown  Dallas Chapter
Joanna Bryant  Dallas Chapter
Bill Bush  Dallas Chapter
Emmanuel Campos  Houston Chapter
Kathleen Carter  Houston Chapter
Paola Chamberlain, CC  Heart of Texas Chapter
Gene Christiano  Dallas Chapter
Haydee Clark  Houston Chapter
Kelly Cook, CEC, AAC  Fort Worth Chapter
Benoit Coquand  Houston Chapter
Stafford DeCambra, CEC, CCE, CCA, AAC   American Culinary Federation
Larry Delgado  Rio Grande Valley Chapter
Dana Demers, CC  Coastal Bend Chapter
Adam Deviney  Houston Chapter
Sarah Dilling  Dallas Chapter
Juventino Espinoza  Rio Grande Valley Chapter
Francis Fauquenot, CEC  Houston Chapter
Rudy Garza  Heart of Texas Chapter
Chris Gayton  Dallas Chapter
Anthony Gully Heart of Texas Chapter
Chelsea Gumm  Houston Chapter
Edward Gutierrez  Fort Worth Chapter
Michael Hackman  Fort Worth Chapter
Adam Heath, CEC  Houston Chapter
William Hillis  Concho Valley Chapter
Alison Hodges, CC, CPC  Dallas Chapter
Bill Hodges Dallas Chapter
Krista Holmes  Rio Grande Valley Chapter
Carol Irwin, CEC San Antonio Chapter
Michael Jaster, CEC, CWPC, ACE  Houston Chapter
Johhny Kalfayan  Houston Chapter
Brett Keckeisen  East Texas Chapter
Beth Kirkpatrick  Houston Chapter
Heather Kurima  Fort Worth Chapter
Kristin Lambrecht  Go Texan
Belkis Lane  San Antonio Chapter
Diana Larkins  Dallas Chapter
Rory Larkins Dallas Chapter
Diane Larsen, CEC  Houston Chapter
Chad Lowry  Concho Valley Chapter
Alexander Mann  East Texas Chapter
Mayberry, Robert   Austin Chapter
Larry Matson, CEC, CCE, AAC  Dallas Chapter
Joselyn Mejia  Heart of Texas Chapter
Melissa Mendez  Houston Chapter
Jakia Mitchell  Houston Chapter
Patrick Mitchell, CEC, AAC  Dallas Chapter
George Morfin  Houston Chapter
Robert Moyler  Anchor Foods
Mike Mrugala, CC  Dallas Chapter
Rick Neal, CEC  East Texas Chapter
Tony Oaks  Houston Chapter
Jesus Olivares  Dallas Chapter
Douglas O'Neil Rio Grande Valley Chapter
Dieter Paul  Dallas Chapter
Len Pawelek, CEC  Heart of Texas Chapter
Regina Pinkard, CC  Dallas Chapter
Veronica Reyes  Concho Valley Chapter
Felicia Rodriguez  Coastal Bend Chapter
Zelina Rodriguez  Coastal Bend Chapter
Morris Salerno  Dallas Chapter
Phillip Salinas, CEC  San Antonio Chapter
Veronica Samples  Rio Grande Valley Chapter
Mike Schuster  Houston Chapter
Michael Scott, CEC, AAC  Dallas Chapter
Sherry Sipho  Fort Worth Chapter
Michael Smith, CEC, CCA  Coastal Bend Chapter
Dean Sprague, CEC  Coastal Bend Chapter
Dustin Stair, CEC  Rio Grande Valley Chapter
Yvonne Sternes  Houston Chapter
Caroline Taylor  Fort Worth Chapter
Katelyn Tisdale  East Texas Chapter
Mark Torres  Brazos Valley Chapter
Rae Torres Brazos Valley Chapter
Courtney Tucker  Houston Chapter
Katrina Warner  Dallas Chapter
James Welliver  Austin Chapter
Russell Woodward  Texas Beef Council
Wanda White  Dallas Chapter

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The Texas Chefs Association (TCA) is a chapter of the American Culinary Federation.  The TCA is comprised of 13 dynamic chapters operating in cities across Texas.  Our association provides members with timely seminars, networking tools, and professional advancement opportunities to help them further their goals within the food service industry.

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