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Red River Chapter Meeting

Monday, March 2, 2020

ACF Chef Competition

Tuesday, March 17, 2020

Red River Chapter Meeting

Monday, April 6, 2020

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2019 - 2021 
TCA President 
Kelly Cook, CEC, AAC

2017-2019 Kelly Cook CEC, AAC 1985-1987 Isaac Pina CEC, AAC  
2015-2017 Mark Schneider CEC, CCE, AAC  1983-1985 Isaac Pina CEC, AAC 
2013-2015 Mark Schneider CEC, CCE, AAC 1981-1983 Werner Vogeli CEC, AAC
 2011-2013 Charles L. Duit CEC, ACE, AAC, CDM, CFPP
1979-1981 Werner Vogeli CEC, AAC
 2009-2011 Charles L. Duit CEC, ACE, AAC, CDM, CFPP
1977-1979 Karl Haas CEC, AAC
2007-2009 Ernst Gruch CMC, AAC  1975-1977 Karl Haas CEC, AAC
 2005-2007 Ernst Gruch CMC, AAC  1973-1975 Bernard Urban CEC, AAC, HOF
 2003-2005 Kelly Cook CEC, AAC 1971-1973 James L. Flewelling
 2001-2003 Kelly Cook CEC, AAC
1969-1971 Ernest Jimenez CEC, AAC
1999-2001 Francois Lefebvre CEC 1967-1969 Freeman Matatall
 1997-1999 Francois Lefebvre CEC 1965-1967 Hansueli Schlunegger AAC 
1995-1997 Bill Phipps CEC, AAC 1964-1965 Prosper Ingles
1993-1995 Bill Phipps CEC, AAC
1963-1964 Kurt Ammann
 1991-1993 Jack Bretzke CEC, AAC 1961-1963 Edmond Kaspar AAC
 1989-1991 Jack Bretzke CEC, AAC
1960-1961 Francis Mendecini
1987-1989 Peter Lehr CEC, AAC 1958-1960 Louis Berard

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The Texas Chefs Association (TCA) is a chapter of the American Culinary Federation.  The TCA is comprised of 14 dynamic chapters operating in cities across Texas.  Our association provides members with timely seminars, networking tools, and professional advancement opportunities to help them further their goals within the food service industry.

Texas Chefs Association

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