Team Seafood Taco Challenge
Show your Taco prowess in this island-themed team cooking competition!  Teams of three will compete to prove once and for all, which Texas region makes THE BEST TACO!  This competition will take place during Friday's "Changes in Latitude" Icebreaker and the tacos will be a featured cuisine for all TCA Convention attendees.

Team Registration: $100
Competition Limited to Five Teams
Rules of Engagement:

You and your team will produce your version/interpretation of a taco using fresh fish caught in our TCA on the Bay Fishing Tournament or our gulf's finest commodity wild caught Texas Gulf Shrimp.  Your seafood may be pan seared or deep fried but must be cooked fresh on-site.
What You'll Need:

Cajones Slaw Garnish  Decor
Tortillas Vessels Seasoning Toppings
Squeeze Bottles Batter Filling Utensils

What we'll Provide:

Tables Fryers Burners Fry Oil
Butane Propane Towels Sanitizer
Table Cloths Plates Napkins Forks
Skillets Pots Gloves Cutting Boards

SPI Shrimp Showdown
Quickfire Competition
Friday, August 9th
3:30 - 5:00 pm

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